Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

Dump my pump

That post is part of the breastfeeding blog hop and therefore in English. All other posts of this blog are in German. This Week’s Topic: Lame Breastfeeding Products – Things that DIDN’T work for you.

Dieser Post ist Teil des breastfeeding blog hop und damit in Englisch. Alle anderen Artikel in meinem Blog sind auf Deutsch.

I had quite a few products that assisted my breastfeeding mission in the beginning: nursing pads, a breastfeeding app on my smart phone, nursing bras, lanolin for my nipples, and a nursing pillow. I used all of these and I was happy to have them. They all worked for me in the beginning let’s say the first 6-8 weeks. Then most of them started not to work out for me as time went by. I tossed the nursing pads, because I got tired of crumbling them in my bra or taking them out while nursing, plus, I didn’t leak so much anymore and if I did, I didn’t care. I stopped using the breastfeeding app after 6 weeks, because it got too complicated to track time and side. I was now comfortable nursing without it. I didn’t need the lanolin anymore because my nipples got used to constant feeding. I still use it once in a while though. I got tired of wearing the nursing bras and their cumbersome technique to open and close it. I use non-underwire bras now that I can just pull down. So much easier! The nursing pillow is now used for shielding the border of the bed, so my little one doesn’t fall down when sleeping in our bed.

I got the inevitable pump about five weeks into breastfeeding. The hubby and I were planning on attending a concert of Ringo Starr in Berlin, so our little one stayed at grandpa’s house. But what if he got hungry? I tried pumping in advance according to my midwife’s advice after each feed. Uhm… I got like 30 ml (1 ounce) once and then 10 ml or less. How long was I supposed to pump for one meal??? I got discouraged and just didn’t pump anymore. Plus, I also hated the feeling of pumping. So, we just were risking it and bought some formula for an absolute emergency during our absence during the concert. But everything went fine and that is where my pumping story already ends. Up until now, I have not been committed enough doing it and the pump is just sitting in the corner catching dust. But now an event is coming up that needs my attendance earlier than the little one’s bedtime. I will collect all my courage and start trying to pump again. I hope it works out a bit and I don’t need to dump my pump yet.

Did you buy a breastfeeding product or accessory that was totally useless? Have trouble with a particular product?


  1. I found you through the Breastfeeding Blog Hop. I am jealous you don't have to use your pump! I work outside of the home and have a very love/hate relationship with my pump. I also used a nursing app for the first few weeks of my son's life. He was having weight issues and it was crucial for us to monitor how much milk he had and how often. Once things stabilized (after about 4-6 weeks), I no longer needed it!

  2. we didn't really needed to monitor the amount of milk he drank but I just felt more comfortable in this new world of breastfeeding with something written down.
    I guess, if I had to use a pump it would be ok (although I probably wouldn't like it). It is good that it is working out for you, because you work outside home.

  3. Hey Liebes, wollte mich bei dir für deine lieben Worte bedanken, als ich die Blog Pause gemacht habe. Nun ja. Ich bin wieder da, es ist auch alles gut. Die Pause hat mir sehr gut getan.

  4. Das freut mich, das alles wieder gut ist! Ich freue mich, dass Du nun zurück bist und auf Deine Posts!


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