Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

I’ll miss you! - Going out without baby

That post is part of the breastfeeding blog hop and therefore in English. All other posts of this blog are in German. This Week’s Topic: “First Time Jitters: Leaving Baby in the Care of Someone Else“

Dieser Post ist Teil des breastfeeding blog hop und somit in Englisch. Alle anderen Artikel in meinem Blog sind auf Deutsch verfasst.
My 3 weeks old son with his grandmother.
I breastfed my son exclusively for the first six months. Since I am staying home for his first year of life (he is almost nine months old now), I fortunately never had to face the problem of having to leave him with someone else for a long time. In that way, I didn’t need to pump. Luckily! I never really got the hang of it. The first four weeks of his life, we had support from my mother-in-law, who was staying with us. She was a great and invaluable help at that time! She was so supportive. When she noticed that I was really going nuts from staying in the house all the time, she suggested I could just go for a little walk outside with my husband, only for a couple of minutes. My darling boy was about two weeks at that time. So, me and my husband took the chance and left the house for about 30 minutes. I was nervous but also comfortable enough with him staying with his grandmother. Everything went very well. He was sleeping in her arms when we returned. The second time we left him with his grandmother was my husband’s birthday. The little one was three weeks old then. This time, I left him for two and a half hours. Well, during this time, I called like 10 times to see if everything was going well. He was sleeping the whole time. When I returned, he was super happy to see me and nursed immediately. I felt more comfortable over time. The older he got, the more I could leave him with his Daddy or one of his grandparents for some time. The longest time I ever left him with someone else was in December, when he was six and a half month old. It was a work related Christmas party and I left the house at 6pm and returned at 11pm. He was totally fine. His daddy brought him to bed and he slept just fine until I returned. So far, we have never left him with someone outside the family. I am still not really comfortable with it. Maybe after he turns one!?

When did you leave your baby with someone else for the first time?

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